Hold Fast Beauty and the Beast Lovers

Did I ever tell you guys about the time that I went to see La La Land with my husband and I nearly ugly cried when the theme music for Beauty and Beast came on during the trailers? No? Well, then get comfy.

As most of you who already know me are aware I’m a Beauty and the Beast fan. Like, it’s probably unhealthy. Sure, we can all say that we watched it when we were kids and we loved the part where the Beast was lifted up into the air with a million lights coming out of his body for the magical transformation into the prince. We’ve all been there. But did you watch it monthly when you were in high school? I didn’t think so. But I was that kid. Wanna know why? I’ll tell you why.

I come from a small town. And when I say small town I’m not talking about small towns with only one Walmart or smalls towns with only two fast food chain restaurants. Oh, no. We’re talking smaller than that. We’re talking you will be driving for 45 minutes in either direction to get to the nearest Walmart and if you want those McNuggets, you’re going to have to drive 36 miles for that. Oh, that Pizza Hut in town? Yeah, all the high school kids refer to that as Pizza Slut so good luck with that. I’m pretty sure that nick-name has a story. One you probably don’t want to know. So we’ll both just promise to never ask.


So back to this small town. I went to high school at this place and in case you were wondering there were 27 kids in my graduating class. Let that sink in for a minute. In this small town, you may wonder what people did for fun, but more specifically, what did the teenagers do for fun? Honestly…I can’t tell you. Because I was busy watching Disney movies by myself nearly every weekend. When I wasn’t doing that, I was usually convincing the two friends I had to come on “an adventure” with me which usually led to us getting into trouble. But more on that next time.

Beauty and the Beast. Need I say more? I related to Belle. In my mind, all it took was for me to have brown hair and eyes just like her and I was her. Never mind that I really didn’t like to read books back then and Belle drooled over having her own library. *Shrugs* that’s just a small detail, right?

In my 15-18 year-old mind, I was Belle. And I religiously watched this movie always crying at the same parts even though I knew what was coming and I’d seen it hundreds of times before.

giphy (1)



In the year of 2012, the original Beauty and the Beast (so the 1991 version) was released in 3D at select theaters. Being the sweet and loving person that he is, Jared took me to watch it for one of our dates. I literally thought perfection had been reached and that this movie could get no better than the experience I’d had in that theater that day.

But then….

Fast forward a few years to the year 2015 to be exact when I found out that they were going to be making a live version of this movie. *Falls over and hyperventilates* <— My accurate reaction.

I immediately took to IMDB and began to find out who was casted for all of the parts. For the sake of not getting into another tangent about Downton Abbey I won’t get into the emotional and mental freak outs that ensued here. Let’s just say I was very pleased.

I know everyone and their dog has now seen every trailer released for the live action movie. Heck, most of you have already gone to see it. But not me. I’ve only watched one trailer (and almost had another hyperventilating episode) and decided that that was it. I wouldn’t let myself ruin it by watching everything that came out for it. I wanted this to be as pure and untouched as possible. (I told you this was unhealthy.)

So with this in mind, I avoid Facebook when I can, scroll over ads where they show up, and look the other way when the trailer does begin to play.

Last month, Jared took me to see La La Land (sooooo good btw), and I was completely mentally prepared to watch this movie. I’d read reviews and decided not to watch trailers just in case they built it up too much (like they sometimes do) and settled down with my raisinets. The trailers began and then I heard the beginning notes of the Beauty and the Beast theme…

*slaps hand to chest and tries to keep it together* “Oh my gosh!” I exclaimed in a whisper. I grab Jared’s hand and squeeze it for emotional support. He’s smiling at me, fully aware of just what’s happening. “I didn’t know they were going to do this!” I whisper again through tears. Yes. Tears. (This is the trailer I’ve already seen by the way.)

The people sitting just one row in front of us I’m sure are hearing all of this, so I try to ugly cry in silence, which only makes me make even more concerning noises.

Finally, the trailer ends and another one begins to play. I’m still recovering as my heart rate returns to normal and I release Jared’s hand. “I was not ready to experience that in surround sound and on a big screen!” I protested to Jared. He smiles at me again, still enjoying the fact that I’m overdramatic and can’t help the love I have for Beauty and the Beast.

*sighs* yes. This all happened over a trailer. One that I was not anticipating, in my defense.

Tonight is date night again folks, and we bought tickets. And it’s in 3D. And I’m bringing my own box of tissues. And I might embarrass myself. BUT I DON’T CARE. Because it’s Beauty and the Beast!

Updates on the events of this evening will come. I’ll do my best to brace myself for what’s coming, but I can’t promise anything.

Until next time readers. (All three of you.)


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