Lets Just Not Do Mondays

An update on me not touching my first draft…

Day 4 – A Tuesday no less. Very uneventful. I couldn’t even tell you what I had for dinner that day although I’m sure it was previously frozen or maybe even delivered to me. Oh, yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Day 5 – Wednesday. “The itch” as I like to call it began to nag me again. I gave in and started writing another book. I still have yet to decide if this is a good distraction or if I’m just exacerbating a problem here.


Day 6 – I went to the gym for the first time in a about a week determined to get back on the horse (walking/running two miles on the dreadmill totally counts). Spent most of my time thinking about my new book and also thinking about how nice it would be to not have to wrap my knee anymore, although it is healing quite nicely from my embarrassing display on Monday. I’m sure the ladies at the school are still sharing jokes about the flailing mom who flopped onto the pavement.


Day 7 – I woke up from a dream that compromised of all of the characters from my first draft. In my dream, I was on a movie set and was watching people yell directions and orders at each other for the next scene. I then walked up to them and proceeded to retell them what my whole previous dream and explain to them what character and plot changes needed to be instated (because apparently in dream land, I know my way around the red tape to get stuff changed on the spot in Hollywood). I then woke up from this and wrote it all down as fast as I could in my little red notebook that forever sits on my nightstand. When I asked my husband if that counted as making changes or working on my first draft he said, “Yes”… I did argue with him for about two seconds before I realized he had a point. I am planning on using some of the material my unconscious mind came up with sooooo I guess that does count as an alteration to the first draft.

Does this mean I have to start over? Haha! NO. We’ll just consider this… an unavoidable epiphany.


Day 8 & 9 – These days were actually easy for me and when I say easy I mean I was chasing my two-year-old around and didn’t really have time to think about the first draft. I guess toddlers will do that.


Day 10 – Today. A Monday. A migraine. *Looks to the Heavens* Why???

This was me and my brain today as I tried to recover from said migraine:

Brain: I have an idea, lets make a list of literary agents!

Me: Maybe later. I need to lay in this dark room. You don’t feel well, remember?

Brain: True. Then how about I replay this memory for you?

Me: Is it a good one?

Brain: No, you were rather embarrassed at the end.

Me: Then, no.

Brain: *Replays memory anyway*

Me: STOP. Seriously, you’re thumping right now, which isn’t a good sign, and we need a nap.

Brain: Yes. Yes, you’re right.

Brain: I have an idea! Maybe we should tweak that first chapter you wrote in your new book a bit? The main character sure could use a name you know.

Me: That also needs to happen later, OK? I promise we’ll do all of that later. Can we please just sleep for now?

Brain: Oh yeah, sure. No problem. We should do that.

Me: Thank you.

Brain: I have another idea!


Maybe we can all just agree that Mondays are the worst?



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